The Street Mouse

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We just can't help ourselves, we just love finding silly things like this exclusively silly, extremely funky, computer mouse. It always amazes us, here at I Want That, how boys, no matter how little, just LLLOOOOOOVVVVE to make car noises - you know how it goes - Vroom Vroom, Beep, Beep, Crash - all those boy-ey type noises. Well, it seems that since the arrival of these fun, yet extremely silly street mice the toddler years are beginning to relive themselves in the lives of the boys in our office. Incredible car noises that, quite frankly, us girls didn't know existed!

Wait just a minute, it has just been discovered (followed by shrieks of delight) that these cars have headlights - well - what more does a guy need in a computer mouse? Oh no, more shrieks - tail lights too!!

Ok, blurb on boys and their noises over, lets start again:


The Street Mouse is a themed computer mouse.

Comes with standard right and left click buttons and a clickable scroll button.

Comes with chrome wheels and tinted windows.

Car headlights are always on, and tail lights illuminate when the mouse is moved.

Plugs into computer via USB port.

PC and Mac compatible.


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This really is THE coolest thing to have on your desk! It is easy to install, has a long cord, is super smooth to operate and did I mention it has front and back LIGHTS!!

Ricky, Noosa Heads

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